A little bit about Pacific Island Financial

Pacific Island Financial was started in 2014 with the idea that Hawaii-based businesses would prefer to work with other local companies. Don Myerson, president of BSB Leasing, Inc., a national, commercial equipment finance company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, moved to Kauai with his family in 2003. After spending over a decade in the Islands, Don observed that there was a unique atmosphere to the Hawaii market that was overlooked by the few mainland based companies that had been servicing the state. Thus, most Hawaii-based companies in need of financing either had to depend on their local bank, or had to deal with one of the few mainland-based financing companies – of which, none understood the local market or environment. Because of this, it just made sense to create an independent, Hawaii-based financing company with the primary goal of servicing the needs of other Hawaii-based companies. Enter Pacific Island Financial. A company built on over 35 years of industry experience, an understanding and appreciation of the local environment, and a desire to finance growth in local companies. We are Hawaii’s own!