Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances For Any Business Purpose

Pacific Island Financial provides the cash you need for your specific business need. Repayment is easy and designed to keep you in front of your customers – not shuffling more paperwork. You don’t need perfect credit to qualify. A through D credit qualifies.

Pacific Island Financial understands the importance of preserving cash reserves and lines of credit. We offer merchant cash advances to give you the flexibility needed for your next business investment, acquisition, remodelling project, expansion or any other business need. Following are some of the highlights of our equipment financing products:

  • Cash advances up to $250,000
  • Funds can be used for ANY business purpose
  • Most credit qualifies
  • Competitive pricing

How it Works

Pacific Island Financial purchases an agreed upon amount of your future credit card sales at a discounted price. We collect an agreed upon portion of each future credit card sale that you process. Your payments vary with your sales volume ensuring a cash-flow friendly process.

Don’t see your industry? We very likely have a solution for your specific needs. Call 808-378-4433 or email to find out more.